About Asiope

In 1957 the company Brambilla carried out its first operation in the P.R. China : it bought Chinese goods in exchange for a gigantic contract for French trucks and locomotives. Brambilla thus found its mission: to help Western companies to enter and develop in the Chinese market. Since then, this mission has never been abandoned, and is now that of ASIOPE.


Brambilla also was a precursor: it was the first non-financial French company to open an office in Shanghai (in 1982). This Shanghai office is today the foundation of ASIOPE, which benefit from this long and rich experience.


In 1988, AEC spun-off from Brambilla, directed by two partners, Mr. André CHIENG, President, and Mr. Bertrand Cristau, General Manager.


In 2011, ASIOPE in turn spun-off from AEC, under the management of Bertrand Cristau.



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