Be it as a JV (Joint-Venture), WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Entreprise), or buyout, you will discover and will have to adapt to a new environment: administration, employees, clients, suppliers and potential partners will be Chinese. ASIOPE helps you to understand and be understood.

Asiope’s strength is triple:

- It has the capacity to understand both western partners and the Chinese environment.

- It has 30 years of experience in establishing partnerships and businesses in China (in 12 different provinces).

- A large network, woven over the years.


Thanks to those advantages, ASIOPE helps its western clients to define their strategy, taking into account the economic, political and cultural aspects, and build solid foundations for their development in China. ASIOPE then follow them in the long-term.


Asiope’s implantation service consists in:

- Analyzing the market

- Looking for compatible partners

- Negotiating the content and terms of the partnership if any

- Coordinating actions with lawyers and audit firms

- Following up company set up and start-up

- Supporting the development

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